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The Chassis Maintenance Can Prolong The Sweeper Life

We find that many people would ignore the maintenance of the chassis. People don't realize the chassis maintenance is an important aspect to extend the service life. 

The chassis is holding part of the sweeping machine, only confirm the chassis security to ensure efficient work. Preventive Maintenance is the most commonly used for sweeping machine maintenance methods, sweeping machine is should avoid the puddles, and drying chassis water immediately after the cleaning work.

The rain contains much rain acidity material, so the effects on the sweeping machine chassis is larger,  when you are using sweeping machine in rain and snow weather,  you must clean up the chassis after cleaning,  long time not clear will have corrosion on the chassis,  for lots more gravel also need to be careful driving, avoid scratching chassis.The sweeping machine chassis maintenance is a small part of the overall maintenance,  but the chassis is important for life extension, so please don't ignore this small detail, do daily maintenance well, and prevent damage of chassis on the inside of the sweeper.

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