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How To Choose The Parts Of Floor Scrubber ?

There are so many kinds of parts in the market, certainly different parts play a different role. How can we choose the best part in the daily cleaning work ? let me tell you some tips:

First ,  we should choose the disc brushes for the floor scrubber:
  The soft bristles: smooth surface cleaning or polishing, washing and drying ?
  The election bristles: used for removing stubborn dirt from the ground ?
  The nylon brush: for general floor cleaning (standard configuration)?

Second ,  it's time to choose the cleaning pads (red mat, mat black and white mat)
  Red mat: for general floor cleaning
  Black Pad: used for removing stubborn dirt
  White pad: for general cleaning and polishing, marble and smooth surface.
Different ground environment need to use different brushes. For an epoxy floor, it's suited to use a soft brush or wool brush, marble floors should be used medium hardness brush, using a stiff brush for cement floor is a good idea. If it would cause damage to the ground, because of using improperly brushes, and the cleaning effect is also not ideal, it should be recommended by suppliers when you are selecting.

Last ,  we should choose the squeegees:
we should understand the material about squeegee. Good quality squeegee blades are generally made of natural rubber. It has better suction effect. Meanwhile, The Material was divided in two kinds. One is oil squeegee blade and the other is general non-durable rubber. Oil-resistant rubber is more suitable for oil situation. It needs to be noted that when we buy the squeegees.

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