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Road Sweeper YH5101

Road Sweeper YH5101

Applications :
The sweeper is suitable for road cleaning of urban streets, squares, airports, wharfs, etc. It works by picking up gravel, rind, scrap of paper, cigarette end, kernel, plastic bag, stone, brick, grains of sand, dust, and etc.
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  • (i)Advanced Techniques

    (ii)Sheet Metal Working

    (iii)Dustbin Material : SUS304

    SUS304 is the 304 stainless steel, which SUS and 304 are Japanese and American ASTM standard respectively. 304 is also similar with 0Cr19Ni9 (0Cr18Ni9) stainless steel in Mainland China, when Japan is now call it as SUS304. It has a higher anti-corrosion ability comparing with Cr13 as having higher degree of Nickel and will be at Single-Phase Austenite Form in room temperature. It also has better toughness in any temperature, and also cold-forming and welding ability. But it has worse strength in room temperature due to greater crystal-and-crystal and stress corrosions. So it has a worse finishing by cutting. It also can’t be strengthen by heat treatment as Austenite will not change form when heating. The heat treatment can only be completed by raising the anti-corrosion of steel. SUS304 Canonical Heat Treatment:Solid Melting 1010~1150℃ Quick Cooling。Metal Phase: Austenite.

    (iv)Welding Form, Related Equipments and Welding Stick Material
    It applies a mixed gas(85%Ar+15%CO2)for protective welding with gas protective welding machine and ER50-6/Φ1.0 stainless steel welding stick.

    (iv)Anti-Corrosion Craft
    1. All parts should be dry and corrosion free before welding.
    2. All strengthen bars’internal parts and welding positions with mother-materials should be painted with anti-corrosion material(grass green oxidized paint);
    3. All strengthen bars must be fully welded by sealed board.
    4. Use Normal Welding Stick for Welding.
    5. Area within 20mm from the welding position must be cleared before welding.
    6. Welding mess should be cleared after welding.
    7. Paint the whole vehicle when welding completed.

    (v)Painting Procedure
    Checking→Clearing→Roughing→Medical Wiping→Medical Drifting→Drying→Base Painting→Paint Drying→Plastic Spurting→Rough Ash Scraping→Rough Polishing→Blowing Clean→Smooth Ash Scraping→Small Polishing→Blowing clean→Medium Painting→Drying→supplement→polishing→blowing clean→Black Painting for the Base Part→Cover Painting→Cover Paint Drying→Logo Painting→Drying→Inspection


    Road Sweeper YH5101

    ITEMS YH5070  YH5101  YH5160TQS
    Chassis Model QL1070A1KA1Y ISUZU QL11009LARY DONGFENG DFL1160BX5
    Chassis Engine Model/Power (kw) 4KH1-TCG40/88 4HK1-TCG40/139 ISDE210 40/155
    Auxiliary Engine Model/Power(kw) JE493G3/57 JE493G3/57 EQ6BT5.9/118
    External Size(L× W× H) (mm) 6370x2150x2400 7020x2280x2550 8810x2500x2880
    Gross Vehicle Weight(kg) 7300 10055 16000
    Unladen Weight(kg) 5630 7200 10380
    Payload Weight (kg) 1540 2725 5425
    Maximum Speed(km/h) 105 110 90
    Wheel Base(mm) 3815 4175 5000
    Cab Seating Capacity(persons) 2 2 3
    Front/Rear Overhang(mm) 1015/1560 1110/1735 1580/2230
    Approach/Departure Angle(°) 24/13 20/11 20/11
    Sweeping Width(m) 3 3.2 3.5
    Cleaning Width(m) 3.1 3.3 3.5
    Working Speed Range(km/h) 3~25 3~25 3~25
    High Pressure Water Pump Model Italy NX-C75/150  Italy NX-C75/150 Germany P51
    High Pressure Water Pump Pressure(Mpa) 15 15 10
    High Pressure Water Pump Flow Rate(l/min) 75 75 134
    Water Tank Volume(L) 4500 6000 10000
    Waste Water Tank Volume(L) 2800 3000 7000
  • One Set of Road Sweeper YHQS5050 Kit Exported to Malaysia
  • 2 Sets of Tractor Mounted Road Sweepers Exported to Tanzania
  • One Ride-on Floor Scrubber Exported to Australia
  • 2 Sets of YHD21 Road Sweepers Exported to Lagos,Nigeria
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